[The] Two Minute Formula – Course Guide

“I’m ready to give up, the stock screener provided hundreds of stocks to look through but it is taking hours and I’m still not done!”


That thought ran through my mind several times but I was determined to find a way to become more efficient and effective. And after several years of trial and error I’m excited to present to you [the] Two Minute Formula. 

This formula will allow you to cut through all the noise in the market place and get to the information that matters.  

Starting out I jumped straight in and researched every stock, I would have twenty Internet Explorer tabs open, but quickly became overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stocks and over time it lead to bad habits. I noticed that I started to procrastinate and began searching for short cuts like relying on other people’s stock tips.

With the benefit of hindsight, I realised that I had developed those bad habits because I did not have a firm grasp of the 5 very specific fundamental principles of investing. The 5 specific fundamental principles that can mean the difference between choosing the wrong stock and selecting a stock with real potential of earning 10x your money.  

I spent a lot of time working out a way to combine those 5 specific fundamental principles of investing into a formula that allows us to cut through all the noise to get us to the heart of the matter.

Getting the details that really matter in an instant not hours or weeks, and not be left wondering, what if?


This Is What You’ll Be Able To Achieve.

How does screening 50 stocks in under an hour sound? The average stock screener provides on average over 200 stocks in results. Imagine you could find that needle in the haystack, that real potential 10 to 100-multibagger within minutes not hours!

How would you feel? Overwhelmed? Uncertain? I doubt it. You’ll be feeling confident and on top of it all. 

And the formula works regardless of how big or small the company is. From small-caps to big-caps and all in between, because the formula is based upon those 5 specific fundamental financial principles – all the 10-100 multibagger companies exhibit.  

For example: small cap companies that compound over the long term (10 years +) delivering those very rare 100 x multibagger returns, share these two qualities:

A Fanatical CEOthink Ray Kroc from McDoanld’s, Sam Walton from Walmart, Henry Singleton from Teledyne and Tom Murphy from Capital Cities Broadcasting.

And a Long Run Way, which means the industry in which the company operates in is fragmented and growing, providing the opportunity to dramatically grow market share, revenues and cash flows at double digit rates.

A few companies we put to the test.

We put current U.S. listed companies through the formula to show you how easy it is to deconstruct them piece by piece.

Popular companies like – Intel, Southwest Airlines, Snapchat, Xerox, Apple, and Footlocker.

Look at Footlocker, if you follow my articles you will know that Footlocker exhibits three great qualities. 1. Healthy growing free cash flow. 2. Low debt levels and 3. A high return on equity. (Footlocker article)

These qualities have helped compel Footlockers share price from the depths of $10 per share in 2009 to over $70 dollars per share into early 2017!

Source: NASDAQ Chart


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