The Master Plan

Step One: Earn an income from this website.

As the premium members know, I will teach you the time proven investment strategies used by Warren Buffett, Howard Marks, Roger Montgomery, Charlie Munger, and Peter Lynch to name a few….

Specifically, the investment principles, the habits and tools used by the World Class Investors. Develop your own intelligent investment framework for analysing investments opportunities on the public stock market and in the private market.

In the Masters in Investing podcast, I will share with you the secrets of Australia’s leading sharemarket investors. In addition, I will also interview business leaders,  the CEO’s and CFO’s, so you can learn first hand the in and outs of how a successful business is managed.

This first step can only be achieved if the content on this website consistently adds value to your life. And I have a lot of proven strategies that I will introduce slowly to help you improve your investment performance.

I’m committed to this stage for a minimum of five years, I know these strategies work and look forward to hearing many successful stories from all members.

When I reach step three, I will hand over the management, not ownership, of the website to someone as capable but preferably someone smarter than me, to continue adding value to you.


Step Two: Reinvest the earnings from this website into listed businesses across the globe.

If you are a premium member you will read about every purchase I make and the reasoning why. The simple aim is to compound the money into a much larger sum.


Step Three: Use that compounded money to buy a profitable Australian listed business.

The business must meet the strict criteria as set out in the knowledge centre, premium members will know what the criteria is.

My goal with the business is to produce the greatest shareholders returns in Australia’s history, creating millionaire shareholders in the process. All without causing human suffering, which includes mental plus physical health and without damaging our environment. I hope you will join me on this journey as a shareholder.

I might change the business name to Popeye and the slogan will be ‘Your business is my spinach.’ And move the business headquarters to Singletonville.


Step Four: Distribute my share of the profits from the business back into society.

In my early twenties, I learnt that material items don’t improve my happiness. I strive to keep our annual expenses below $40,000 p.a. As long as I have approximately $2 million invested earning 7-8% p.a, the earnings will easily cover our annual expenses plus inflation. This allows me to during steps one to three to aggressively compound more money for this step.

How do you only spend $10 million for a cause but get over $100 million spent on solving the problem?

Philanthropy is difficult, and there are several models to choose from. Some less effective and some more effective. One model underutilised in Australia is the incentivised competition model.

In 2004, the Paul Allen-backed, Burt Rutan-led winning team, Mojave Aerospace Ventures proved it could be done. Mojave Aerospace Ventures team won the $10 million Ansari XPRIZE for suborbital spaceflight. A $10 million competition designed to lower the risk and cost of going to space by incentivizing the creation of a reliable, reusable, privately-financed, manned spaceship that finally made private space travel commercially viable.

The overall result from the $10 million dollar competition was the following.


The Ansari XPRIZE did more than just leverage talent. It leveraged investment in an industry that started from nothing. The competition began with $2.5 million in seed money, which led to a $10 million prize purse. Over the course of the competition, 26 teams invested over $100 million in aggregate for research and development in suborbital space flight. Breakthroughs made as a result of this successful competition led to a private space industry worth over $2 billion today.

Much like the Orteig Prize competition that launched today’s $300 billion commercial aviation industry, the winning technology from the $10M Ansari XPRIZE was licensed by Richard Branson to create Virgin Galactic and a new era of commercially viable space travel is born.

To read more about the Ansari XPRIZE click here

Back in the 1920’s the then current Australian Government also had their own prized competition to manufacture aeroplanes for the Australian Government.

I unsuccessfully tried to create my own XPRIZE here is Australia called the VOLTA Prize. The competition was to award prize money of $14 million to the team who develop a fully electric prime mover (truck) that can carry a load 750 km on a single charge. To win the prize, we were challenging teams to drive from Sydney to Perth via Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Still very interested to see this happen as it is urgent that the World, especially Australia, accelerate the transition of fuels used in our transport system from fossil fuels to electricity. I believe that electric vehicles will improve our standard of living and reduce our cost of living significantly.

That is the model I will use to help solve problems that exist in our society.

So, in short, the master plan is:

  • Earn an income from this website
  • Reinvest that income into profitable global listed businesses
  • Use that money to buy an ASX listed business
  • Use my share of the profits to create an incentivised competition

That’s it!