Autonomous Investing® with AI

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Everything we do at Searching for Value revolves around empowering you, the individual investor.

Delivering you the investment knowledge that empowers you to take control and excel at investing your own wealth on the sharemarket.

So it was natural that we invest heavily to bring to you, premium members, a very powerful tool that will significantly improve our investment objectives.

As you deduced from the title, we will be combining artificial intelligence with machine learning, and I also see a need for incorporating blockchain too. It is still early [and exciting] days.

This service is, to my knowledge, a world first for individuals having access to and utilising an AI investment assistant for themselves.

My vision is to offer the following service.

The AI service will be delivered and/or offered in three stages:

1 – Identification of stocks. Similar to how Merrill Lynch is experimenting with an AI stock-picking tool to identify stocks. The AI identifies the stock and you make the buy decision and the position size within your own portfolio.

2 – The AI identifies and purchases the stock on your behalf, and then sells the stock on your behalf. The AI actions will occur within your own set of parameters. For instance, you will determine the stocks percentage size within your own portfolio, say five (5) percentage for example.

3 – The next natural step is to then manage the whole portfolio, in addition to purchasing and selling individual stocks. For instance, if one stocks percentage of the portfolio exceeds the upper limit set by you, then the AI will trim (sell) the required number of shares, and vice versa.


I believe this will further democratize investing and empower individual investors worldwide.


Premium Memberships are still available, join over 2500 other intelligent individual investors here.

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