Why Coach Parris?


I’m Adam C. Parris and I’m the founder of Searching for Value, an investment educational website dedicated to empowering individual investors to achieve their investment dreams.

Think of Searching for Value as place where you came to train on a daily basis, similar to an elite training facility where World Champion athletes go to train on a daily basis.

Athlete’s like LeBron James, who spends hours per day training – perfecting his basketball skills – so come game day he rises to the occasion.

You too will be training – perfecting your investment skills –  so when an investment opportunity comes along you’d be ready to grab it with both hands! 

I have over six years real life coaching experience. I’ve interned with the ACT Brumbies Youth Squad – Strength & Conditioning. And I’ve Coached everyday people for Strength & Conditioning, Weight Loss and Endurance Training. No matter what they were training for, it all comes down to their state of mind, if they achieve their goal. 

A coach help you, guides you and teaches you. A coach is interested in your performance, getting results. While a teacher does take care to help you learn the knowledge, a coach takes it one step further and helps you put the knowledge into action. 

That’s why I prefer to be a coach than a teacher.

I have been managing my own family’s wealth for over 10 years, having lots of skin in the game, forces you to focus on what works! 

I’m not trying to impress you, but to impress upon you, that I know what works when it comes to personal peak performance. And You too can harness the methods to enhance your investment returns.

I’ve always believe in this simple Proverb:


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

– Maimonides


I believe in coaching individual investors how to implement successful share market investment strategies into their own investment process.

That is, investment principles and strategies that deliver you real long-term results.

Just providing commentary about what happened today on the share market, or what this stock did today, or what stock you should buy, is what everybody writes about. 

 “What investors need to focus on is the why and the howThan, we can anticipate the what in advance!”

My grandfather taught me to add value to people’s lives first before asking for something in return. 

That is why I give 95% of my material away free. And I aim to provide that material better than other peoples paid stuff. 

I’m also a strong believer in RESULTS!

That is why I prohibit anyone from attending – the 10 week Premium Coaching Clinic – who has not benefited from the articles, free investment tools or the short courses, plus your investment in the 10 week Premium Coaching Clinic is $3,000.

So, I only want students who are committed to life long learning, and students who put what they learnt into action, so they can achieve their own individual investment objectives.

It’s your life, don’t settle for less then you deserve! So train like a Champion to become a Champion!  

These decisions cost me millions of dollars per year.

A little about me…. 

I’ve always loved a midnight snack, dad found me asleep one night, after trying to make a tomato ketchup sauce sandwich. 

Business has been my life’s purpose. Growing up I’d spend my time with both grandparents who operated their own successful businesses, and I knew that is what I wanted to do with my life…..

Interestingly, I learnt after some genealogy that about 2-4 generations ago (I’m going off memory) my ancestors operated one of the largest east coast cordial companies in Parramatta, Australia competing against Cottee’s cordial.

In pursuing my dream, I have tried plumbing and personal training but both didn’t satisfy me, I wanted bigger. In pursuing this bigger vision for my life, I would read biographies of successful business people, as I always believed in modelling the success of people who have been there and done it.

I even entered the startup scene – as I love to tinker – I thought I could invent something simple and grow a business out of it. But it is a tough gig, I highly admire my friends in the startup scene in Canberra. The startup chapter of my life is where I found Stoicism. Stoicism provides for me a personal operating system for dealing with life’s ups and downs and also in investing.

My grandfather introduced me to Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett, and that’s when my investing journey had begun.

At sixteen, I would track the share prices of stocks every Saturday with my grandfather, working out which stocks rose on a continual basis over the last weeks and months. But lucky I quit this unproductive practice once I started to learn more about how Warren Buffett approaches investing.

When I applied to study a Bachelors of Commerce (now called Finance) and in particular a unit called investments, I was expecting to learn more in depth concepts and strategies about investing in shares based upon what successful investors like Warren Buffett used.

Now, I had read briefly about Modern Portfolio Theory before studying at university. But, it came as a shock to learn that it was the main concept to be taught for the unit, as I thought it was something taught in the 1970s, not taught in today’s courses. Even today at Australia’s leading university – ANU – and most universities across the world it’s still being taught and it’s still apart of the curriculum of the CFA program. 

The best choice I made was to study a Bachelors of Accounting – ‘the language of business‘. This gave me the greatest insights and knowledge for investing. Another great choice was to attend the Value Investing Program at Columbia University in 2013.

Check out my master plan to learn more.