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As you know, I give away 95% of my investment material free, and this page represents the small 5% of purchase material that supports the costs of running the whole site.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Just like investing, your chosen course will deliver more value per purchase. 

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The Two Minute Formula: Your step by step guide to filtering the bad stocks from the great ones!


You’ll discover:

How to know within two minutes if a stock is an investment opportunity.

How to identify which key variables to search for.

the systems to save you time and allow you to focus on the real stock opportunities.


Eureka! How to find your own Eureka Stocks.

You’ll discover:

How to discover exciting new investment opportunities.

How to conduct an industry analysis.

How to conduct a strategic competitive analysis



Capital Allocation: Your Guide to identifying the CEOs who add value over time.



You’ll discover:

Why there are only Six Capital Allocation decisions available to every CEO.

Why the wrong decision can destroy value for a company.

A blueprint for identifying great CEOs.



Company Valuation

You’ll discover:

How to separate the accounting value from the true economic value.

How to find hidden undervalued assets on the balance sheet.

The Difference between the Asset Value, Intrinsic Value and Market Value. 





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