Dr. Daniel Crosby

“That’s what’s so dangerous about the stock market. You can get the right result for the wrong reasons.”

– Dr. Daniel Crosby

Dr. Daniel Crosby (@danielcrosbyis a New York Times best-selling author, qualified psychologist and behavioural finance expert.

The behavioural aspect of investing is extremely important, as it is the behavioural bias that led investors astray and affects their investment returns. Dr. Daniel Crosby is the founder of Nocturne Captial.

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Selected Links from the Episode

The Laws of Wealth: The Psychology and the secret to investing success.

Everyone you love will die‘ Children’s Book

Show Notes

1.40 Introduction – The series of events that led to Dan becoming a behavioural Financial expert.

04.30 Lesson’s from his father

07.15 Behavioural Finance

09.40 Behavioural lessons from history

10.25 Diversification

11.15 Why people fail to diversify

12.45 Implementing behavioural finance lessons

13.40 Cognitive Bias

17.10 Investment philosophy

19.20 The search process

23.40 The key variables in the search process

27.20 Irrationality Index

29.10 Values base investment philosophy

32.56 Key variables in valuation

36.20 Action bias

38.50 The river Jorden problem

41.40 Human’s are pattern seekers

44.33 Tactical strategy

46.45 ‘Everyone you love will die’

50.00 The writing process

52.45 Advice to listeners

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