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A quick word on Share Market Investment Techniques.

As you are aware there are loads of bloggers and investment websites advocating their own specific stock market valuation techniques and it can become confusing as to who to believe. 

To help you validate their claims ask this simple logical question:

Can this valuation technique be used to find the value of my local Nan and Pop ice cream store?   

You see, the majority of so called ‘valuation techniques’ online break this foundational investment principle, they foolishly believe that your local Nan and Pop ice cream store should be valued differently from a stock market listed company, like Amazon.

Here is the logic. Any business, listed or not on a stock market, is governed by foundational financial principles, just as your local Nan and Pop ice cream store has to worry about making a (cash flow) profit, so too does a company like Amazon – regardless of if it is listed or not. 

Remember, a single share of the company’s stock, is a single piece of the company’s equity, traded on an open public market.

Nothing else changes, not the business model, not its value, not is sales and not its risk!

The only difference is this: You can see what other people are willing to pay for it right at this very moment in time.   

It is why Benjamin Graham said the following:

“Investment is most intelligent when it is most businesslike.”

And why Warren Buffett said this too:

“I am a better investor because I am a businessman, and a better businessman because I am no investor.”


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The Tsunami Wave Strategy: How You Can Turn $10,000 into $20,000, $50,000 and $100,000 Dollars.

You’ll Discover:

What Characteristics Sam Walton and Jeff Bezos both share?

What does a Fast Growing stock, like Amazon, have to go through before getting into the S&P 500 Index? 

The Step by Step Valuation Techniques that Do Not Change with Time

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Returns from Oct to Dec 17.

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A list of Growth & Value stocks, plus Dividend stocks

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Begin with the End in Mind

“How You Can Create Your Own Investment Goals”


You’ll Discover:

Why you as an individual investor should focus on beating the market

The step by step calculations top discover your own required investment return rate

Why 80% of success is psychology 

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The Secrets to Achieving Warren Buffett’s – Read 500 Pages a Week Challenge –

You’ll Discover:

The story of how Todd Comb’s learnt Buffett’s 500 pages per week secret

The actionable steps you can take right now to develop the habit of reading 500 pages per week

The surprising tactic used by Jerry Seinfeld that can help you achieve the goal of reading 500 pages per week

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How you can prepare now for the next share market crash


You’ll Discover:

Learn why John D. Rockefeller said, ‘if he didn’t learn anything from the 1857 U.S. depression, I probably wouldn’t have become one of the worlds richest men.’

Why the biggest share market rises occur after a share market crash 

How applying Stoicism could make you a billionaire 

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You’ll Discover:

The basics, the what, how, when, where. 

Do you bet on the under dog company (David) or the established company (Goliath)?

The strategic games played by companies.

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Ratio Analysis


You’ll Discover:

Your guide to understanding what the ratios are and what each ratio means.  

Easy to Use: just plug in the numbers

What Apple’s financial ratios are

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