John Hempton

“When things aren’t what they seem, truth is found in the accounts.”

 – John Hempton  

John Hempton is co-founder and investment officer at  

John has been featured by many financial news organisations for his role in short selling Valeant while Bill Ackman was buying, and buying Herbal Life while Bill Ackman was short selling,

John’s blog has a popular following and it is reported that the White House read his blog about, chronicling the implosion of American sub-prime housing and the unfolding global financial crisis, in 2008. 

Bronte Capital’s client’s letters are closely followed by the Worlds investment community and featured on investment websites such as ValueWalk.

Please Enjoy This Three Part Interview.

Download John Hempton Part 1, John Hempton Part 2 & John Hempton Part 3 here.

 Selected Links from the Episode

Warren Buffett’s Letters to Partners 1959 – 1975

Good to Great to Gone: The 60 Year Rise and Fall of Circuit City (Book)

Show Notes

Part One

How John describes himself & how to win friends and influence people the Warren Buffett way.

The importance of understanding the role incentives play in a businesses model – Best Buy Vs Circuit City & Harvey Norman Vs JB HiFi

Incentives drove the macroeconomics, Subprime Financial Organizations and the financial crisis

Investment Philosophy; the 60/40 portfolio

Shorting the Ugly Businesses

Part Two

Once a scumbag always a scumbag, the Wolf of Wall St & GOLD the movie

The Dodge stockbroker, Why John asked his wife permission to join an adult online dating website and the Randy women living on the Shetland islands in Scotland.

Part Three

Good things happen to bad people – Steve Madden & Katy Perry

Real money is made on the long side – The formula & Steve Mandel (Lone Pine Capital)

Harley Davidson

Bribing the middle man

Amazon Vs Barnes & Noble

The individual (retail) investors advantage

Three important questions every investor needs to answer

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