Personal Coaching Sessions

“Those performing at the highest levels are proactively engaged in the moment” – Adam Parris


This highly individualised coaching system begins with your unique psychological and physiological diagnostic assessment. Each coaching program is crafted around untangling your internal and external knots that restrict your internal flow, creativity and focus.

Designing a proactive daily routine, emotional management, fitness program, achieving a flow state, unlocking creativity and idea generation, are commonly explored areas.

Suitable clientele are those that need to perform in a peak state within high pressure environments. Those people are the elite Portfolio Managers, CEO’s, Founders, and Industry Leaders.

But before I accept new people from the outside, I want to alert you, because if you would like to refer any of your associates or friends to me, I’ll give you first priority. I ask only that you don’t wait.

Send me an email and register their names so I’ll know how many spaces I should reserve for you. I appreciate your business.


Or just add your details below to be added to the waiting list. 

Searching for Value is partnering with the JW Foundation, integrating the Art of Learning Project into all coaching programs.

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