Puneet Khurana, CFA

“Find your style of investing by exposing yourself to as many ideas as possible. And focus on understanding the value of the business.”


I reached out to Puneet Khurana (@PuneetK009after learning that he practices Stoicism and Value Investing. A match made in heaven. Puneet currently is manager partner of Stoic Advisory LLP.

I really enjoyed this conversation with Puneet and I know you too, so Please Enjoy…..

Listen here – Part I

Part II


Download here Puneet Khurana p1 & here Puneet Part 2

Show Links

Puneet’s website StoicInvesting

Fund Mangement BS-Meter


Letters from a Stoic

Show Notes

Part I

01.40 Introduction

03.06 Stoicism

04.00 Favourite Stoic & most gifted book

05.05 Discovering Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham

06.50 Developing Puneet’s Investment Framework

09.55 Cigar Butt Investing

12.30 Catalysts

14.30 Earnings Power

16.00 The variables in valuation

19.25 Equity and discounted cash flow

23.14 Portfolio Construction

25.55 Portfolio Management

27.00 Risk management

30.35 Management

36.20 Dishonest management

Part II

00.23 Buffett or Munger?

01.20 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting

05.00 Daily Routine

08.00 Puneet’s Meditation practice and Tony Robbins

12.40 Lessons learned from guests on Puneet’s podcast

17.00 Advice to New investors

20.30 Advice to listeners

23.50 Puneet’s request



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