SfV in 2018 – Our Objectives

Coach Parris here.

Our mission is still the same in 2018:

“Empowering individual investors”

Think of Searching for Value, as place where you came to train on a daily basis, similar to an elite training facility where World Champion athletes go to train on a daily basis.

Athlete’s like LeBron James, who spends hours per day training – perfecting his basketball skills – so come game day he rises to the occasion.

You too will be training – perfecting your investment skills –  so when an investment opportunity comes along you’d be ready to grab it with both hands! 

So, we will continue to give you the tools, skills and knowledge to help you grow your investment skills to the elite level. 

You know by now, that I live and breathe our mission, and in 2018, our strategy is to implement programs that continue to reflect our mission.

To achieve our mission we will be focusing on achieving these three objectives for 2018.


NEW  | 10 Week Premium Coaching Clinic.

I am excited to be introducing, in 2018, the 10 week Premium Coaching Clinic. 

The vision for the Premium Coaching Course is to grow and nurture a small community of individual elite investors.

Our mission is to coach, 500 eager individual investors, in the art of advanced investing, and the art of personal peak performance.  

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Our mission is to continue to developing high quality short courses in specific areas of investing, that deliver you instant insights and knowledge to improve your investment skills and thus your returns. 

The latest course to come online this year is the Capital Allocation Course.

Suggestions are welcome.

Check out the page here.


Email Subscribers.

Our mission is to grow our subscriber base to 100,000 members. 

And to continue to evolve the weekly email to meet the majority of email subscribers needs. 

I very much welcome your advice in how we can improve the content and outlay of the weekly emails.

Send all suggestions to adamcparris@outlook.com

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By outlining our objectives for 2018, it firstly creates accountability, by putting out there for the world to see, and secondly, I hope it inspires you to join us along the journey. 

Your Coach in Investing 

Adam C. Parris

P.S. I believe in delivering you real value first before asking for a payment in return. It has to be a win-win situation for all.

And everything I sell is 100% refundable. By taking one of the paid courses you will be making an investment in knowledge and supporting me at the same time.