Tony Hansen, EPG Capital

Tony Hansen – Founder & CIO of EPG Capital


“One of the critical success factors for an investor is not to over look your mistakes.”


Tony is Founder and Chief Investment Officer at EPG Capital. Tony is one of the leading funds’ management firms in Australia, not only in returns generated but also in terms of fee structure. Tony set up EPG Capital’s fee structure so his firm’s intentions are aligned with his investors. For Instance, he doesn’t charge an administration fee, only a performance fee. Almost unheard of in the funds’ management industry.

Within six years Tony has grown funds under management from under $1 million to over approximately $50 million today.

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Part One

Part Two

Download Tony Hansen Part 1 & Tony Hansen Part 2


Show Notes

Time               Topics Discussed

Part One  
 01:15 Beginnings of EPG
 04:44 Lessons learnt from operating his own businesses
 08:45 Understanding your own limitations
 09:20 Expanding your circle of competence
 12:00 Tony’s investment philosophy
 14:44 Valuation
 18:45 First exposure to Warren Buffett
 23:32 How Tony’s investment process has evolved
 30:05 Timber plantation industry
Part Two
 00:12 Learning from mistakes
 03:55 Investment thesis creep
 10:30 Portfolio construction
 13:45 Advice to investors
 16:15 Controlling one’s emotions
 19:49 EPG’s fee structure
 24:25 CSL
 30:20 Management
 34:19 Berkshire Hathaway
 39:10 Meeting Ted Weschler (Portfolio manager for Berkshire Hathaway Inc)


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EPG Capital 

Berkshire Hathaway

Ted Weschler 

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